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Information about Spend Fee Calculation

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The fees for the first three and the last three spend data ranges can be calculated exactly from the data available. However, because the spend data ranges and the spend fee ranges do not coincide for the two central data ranges it is necessary to "split" them. That is, count and/or weight data are needed for each half of these ranges in order to calculate the fees. Altho this data is not actually available it can be estimated extremely accurately by assuming the spends are continuously distributed (which is apt because there are thousands of spends in these ranges every day) and using the data that is given to do a linear regression for this distribution.

The data from the e-gold site appears to be literally for the 24 hours previous to the date and time indicated rather than for some standard "previous day" period. This data seems to be updated many times a day on an irregular (approximately every 15 minutes) schedule. Up-to-the-minute data is sometimes not available and data for different times of day may not be comparable.